Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Blame Game

Now is the time on Sprockets when we blame. Sarah Palin, of course. You know, it's really ridiculous and pointless now. Why are anonymous McCain workers determined to make sure she has no political future outside Alaska? And the "telephone" aspect of it is really ridiculous. Earlier today it was that she didn't know that NAFTA included US, Canada, Mexico. Now Chris Matthews just tells us she didn't know North America consisted of Canada, US and Mexico. Oh and she answers the door to her hotel in a terry cloth robe! Or maybe it was just a towel! Give it a day and she'll be naked with pasties. Time to move on folks. Let her go home and bone up and if the lady wants to try again in 4 years, so be it. She didn't destroy McCain's chances. He didn't have a consistent strong campaign message and when the economy tanked his weakness was brought to the forefront. Then it would have been better to have Romney as VP, but hindsight it 20/20. Here's a message to conservatives: time to regroup and think about the MESSAGE, not who to crucify. At this point Republicans are basically spend-o-rama Democrats, but with more GOD. Time to get back to small government and a smaller footprint in the world at large.

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