Thursday, January 29, 2009


I enjoyed this immensely. It was placed in The New York Times and Washington Post, as well as some other national publications.

Feeling Ill, Comrade?

I know I felt queasy after reading this. The best part was the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research which will eventually perform the fabulous function of rationing healthcare:The draft report accompanying the House portion of the bill notes that procedures and drugs "that are found to be less effective and in some cases, more expensive, will no longer be prescribed."

There's also this little bit on the harsh state of politics today. It addresses the Conyers report and the desire of some to prosecute Bush administration officials for criminal acts. I assume Obama will take a pass on this. He seems to be focusing on spending as much money as he possibly can and making sure we think he's working on the economy. No matter how much the Democrats want a chance to pontificate before the cameras about the former administration, I think Obama knows it would distract from the hope and change. Now if the stimulus bill tanks and he needs a nice shiny distraction, we can expect the circus to begin.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another Day Another Billion Dollar Mistake

Well, this is "good" news. Democrats ensure future Republican election victories by passing the biggest mess of spending disguised as stimulus ever concocted. Thank heavens for the $335 million on STD prevention programs. I know nothing stimulates the economy like avoiding syphilis. And the National Endowment for the Arts? Amtrak? Bwahahaha! Here's the reality.

I agree that the Democrats should get all the credit for this.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

White Death

Too. Much. Snow. Trapped. Cannot. Post.

Except for this.

No, I'm too weak. Go on and save yourselves by buying eggs, milk and bread. Hurry!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Welcome to the USSA

It's great to know that our new Treasury Secretary is wrong on a pretty fundamental policy. And how about a nice steaming cup of socialism? I love how Obama's economic team has acknowledged that governments make bad managers, but heck, let's dive in anyway!

I also found this article interesting. I can attest to the bureaucratic morass of government service. I also admit to having held back now and then helping someone or saying something in sticky situations because I feared it would backfire on me.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Worst Case Scenario

It's like he knows my worst fears about Obama's administration. While the second to last paragraph raised my hopes momentarily, it didn't really make sense once I gave it more consideration. How can Republicans make a comeback when the majority of the electorate is dependent on the government? How would you ever convince them to vote conservative knowing what that would mean to their benefits?

Dumb and Dumber

Caroline Kennedy withdraws her attempt to capitalize on Camelot. Maybe the Democrats felt that one unqualified appointed Senator was enough for this election cycle. There's also the rumor of housekeeper and tax issues derailing her sudden ambition. Seriously, with the number of politicians these issues torpedo, you'd think that they all must be using the same clueless accountant. Or maybe they just didn't care until they got caught.

Now for the important news... Rahm Emanuel is the cutest trick in shoe leather. I found the former ballet dancer part the most interesting. I may have to find pictures of that.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Done With All That

Now that we've finished with the glowing worship of the Inauguration and the celebrity soaked festival of love and "unity," it's time to see what Obama really intends to do. The ball got rolling with the expansion of SCHIP that Bush wisely vetoed. It's back! The worst part is that 300% of the poverty level isn't a cap. It can be raised. Who thinks it will stay at 300%? Here comes socialized medicine. Nobody get sick now.

And, I'm anxious to see how tolerant of dissent Democrats are now that they are in charge. They were all about it before, but now we are all unified. To me unified means suppressed. This article spoke volumes. Especially this :Is there anyone who still believes the Constitution was created to ensure each citizen liberty and the ability to pursue happiness rather than a guarantee of happiness — and a retirement fund, health care, a job, an education, a house ... ?

That is exactly where I think we are heading and it scares me to no end. That you are somehow owed something by the government. That the government must be proactive on your behalf instead of you doing the work. Redistribute wealth, share wealth. If it's not my wealth, if I didn't earn it, what is my claim to it? But that seems to be what the masses want. The thought seems to be, why should you have a house when I don't? Why should you have a big TV if I don't? Never mind that I don't work or that I didn't finish my education and can't find a good job that pays well. I want what you have and I want it now. The government should provide it. Medical insurance, college education, etc. But "free" anything comes with higher taxes. Then try to keep paying your mortgage. Can't do it? Well, here's the government housing you can live in. What people don't seem to consider is that redistributing wealth means we all get to be poor, not rich. It just doesn't work that way. It's not a house in Beverly Hills and a Land Rover for everyone. It's section 8 housing and the bus.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

You Can't Always Get What You Want

No, Chicken Little, the sky is not falling. I can only hope that the ever increasing bailout plans move slowly enough to be irrelevant. I still cannot comprehend why anyone thinks the government injecting itself in any way into the private sector is a good idea. Everything the government touches turns to *cough.*

But you find sometimes, you get what you need...Massachusetts gives it's citizens the health care they need. Provided, of course, that what they need is expensive substandard care. Universal health care here we come!

And, I think that if I were an Iranian entrepreneur, I might open up a store selling big pictures of the US President. Seems like there's a profitable niche there. Haven't they heard about the HOPE and CHANGE?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Take a Deep Breath

I had a debate with a co-worker today about what we both see as the inevitability of government healthcare. He was pretty casual about the whole thing. I was not. Unfortunately, I had read this article and was not so very calm about the idea of rationed healthcare. Call me crazy, but I think my doctor should decide what my treatment will be, no matter the cost, and not Tom Daschle's Health Advisory Board. Sure, he paints the board as merely making suggestions but the money quote reveals all: Yet to ensure that there are no rogue private insurers, he has proposed making the employer tax deduction for providing health insurance dependent on compliance with the board's standards. In an overtly political ruse, Democrats will claim they are dictating nothing to private providers, while whipping noncompliant insurers in place through the tax code.

There you go. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Power Corrupts

And pretty darn quick too. The Democrats are feeling quite high and mighty so they figured they'd throw out some rules, railroad some contested races and exercise a little non-existent authority. Kill those term limits that now are inconvenient, kids. Joe Biden took his Senate oath so he could continue to collect his paycheck as long as possible because, as ABC news explained, he's not a wealthy man. Make sure you milk it for all it's worth Joe. If Joe's not wealthy and needs that paycheck so bad, I must be destitute. This is all so ridiculous. For further so sad it's amusing abuses check this out.

If this keeps up for the next four years, I'm going to need a sedative.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Fun with Al and Roland

So, now Al Franken appears to be Minnesota's new Senator. Well, that's a major disappointment as I find him completely ridiculous. I do love how now that Franken has been certified as the winner, Harry Reid thinks it's time to stop challenges. Methinks Harry would be singing a different tune if Coleman was the winner.

I feel a little bad for the people of Illinois. First a lousy and embarrassing governor. Then that governor goes and appoints Burris who seems like a nice (if somewhat vain- check out his self-congratulatory mausoleum), but completely useless man to the Senate. Roland Burris, a long serving comptroller who couldn't manage to get elected to anything more prestigious, despite several attempts. It's almost as if Blagojevich wanted to give people the blandest, most useless person he could find. Since Al Franken wasn't a resident, Burris would have to do. Reid doesn't want to seat him, but he should.

Here's something interesting about the current situation in Iran.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year

I've been terribly inconsistent in my blogging. I will attempt to remedy that. While I don't have anything political to say I do have something on my mind. More like a question. I was on iTunes today looking for some new music that doesn't suck. What music defines the 00s? I mean we've got 80s pop, 90s grunge. What is the 00s signature sound? Did I miss it? Was it so lame I failed to notice it? Please tell me it wasn't Beyonce and Kanye. If so, 2010 can't come quick enough.