Monday, January 5, 2009

Fun with Al and Roland

So, now Al Franken appears to be Minnesota's new Senator. Well, that's a major disappointment as I find him completely ridiculous. I do love how now that Franken has been certified as the winner, Harry Reid thinks it's time to stop challenges. Methinks Harry would be singing a different tune if Coleman was the winner.

I feel a little bad for the people of Illinois. First a lousy and embarrassing governor. Then that governor goes and appoints Burris who seems like a nice (if somewhat vain- check out his self-congratulatory mausoleum), but completely useless man to the Senate. Roland Burris, a long serving comptroller who couldn't manage to get elected to anything more prestigious, despite several attempts. It's almost as if Blagojevich wanted to give people the blandest, most useless person he could find. Since Al Franken wasn't a resident, Burris would have to do. Reid doesn't want to seat him, but he should.

Here's something interesting about the current situation in Iran.

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