Friday, February 27, 2009

Tax and Spend

More on Obama's cap and trade "tax." Again, he'll be pushing this through post-haste. My guess is that he has 3 months before people start actually looking at what he's doing much less criticizing.

Heard about the Tea Party protests that are going on? There's one in Cincinnati March 15, 3pm Fountain Square. Learn more at pjtv

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Eat the Rich

Obama's plan to finance all his spending on the backs of the "sorta" rich isn't going to work. The numbers just don't add up. And all those subtle cost increases that will flow from his cap and trade plans will wear down the middle class. When my energy bill goes up exponentially it may not be a tax increase, but I'll still know who to blame.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Obama continues to campaign and yet offer nothing but irresponsible spending and outright lies. That whopper about the stimulus bill containing no earmarks made me nearly choke up a lung. All that global warming spending that we simply must do? Oh, quick, healthcare reform! I guess it's time to press more pointless unnecessary spending through before the economic crisis starts to subside and the blinders come off. Time to scare us some more. Here's what he really needs. The man can give a pretty speech. Too bad it's empty rhetoric and no one realizes it. If the press tells you someone is great enough times, people buy it.

And will the real Bobby Jindal please stand up? Swiped from Instapundit, this interview from the Today Show shows what the man is really capable of. Also see his Meet the Press video. The comments I've heard today about his performance last night are fascinating. One blogger compared him to Mr. Burns slinking towards a table of ointments. I've read that some find him "not quite right" or that America wouldn't elect a nerd like him. Someone thought it was Will Smith vs. Urkel. Since we are swimming in the shallow pool, I would elect a nerd in a heartbeat. They do tend to be smart. And how is Obama not a nerd? I find him to be a bit scrawny and he does have some noteworthy ears. Do we really want another swaggering cowboy? At this point, I suspect that anyone who comes forward from the Republican party will be ripped apart. Folks aren't done hating on them quite yet. Hopefully, Republicans will stick with the small government message and just keep hitting that one home. I think it's their only hope.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jindal's Response

His response, content-wise was good. His delivery was a little stiff, but I attribute that to nerves and this being his big debut as the Republican party's version of hope and change. The last part about Republicans selling out their small government values and trying to return to them was the best. They did deserve to lose people's trust, but I just hope that Obama doesn't do permanent damage to this country because of it. Most of the comments I've heard have noted that Jindal is usually a better speaker than this, so that satisfies me. I think Republican's have found their small government roots, at least for now. It's not like they had a choice once the Democrats got started.

Obama Addresses the Nation

I guess he is going to tinker with healthcare. I had hoped that his stimulus mess would preoccupy him, but alas. No, now we get debt, bad healthcare and more money dumped into failing schools. Hooray.

And the only way Obama can claim that bill was free of earmarks was because it was one big giant earmark. I loved the silence and slight booing.

Oh, you've ordered Gitmo to be closed, but do you have a plan yet as to what to do with those people?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Lighter Side

I want this t-shirt!

Waste Not

And, here's another excellent expenditure by the Obama administration. It just keeps getting better and better.

How Very European

Considering that Obama has embarked on his ultimate goal of making the US into another European Socialist nation, it's not surprising that he has adopted the popular European stance of selling out Israel. I guess Israel had no better friend than the US.

And in local news...some Governors have figured out that the stimulus funds are a trap. Anyone who doesn't understand that the stimulus isn't stimulus, but a permanent increase in government spending is really blind. Not that I blame the Democrats for taking advantage of this situation. Oh, wait, I do.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Crammed Down Mortgage In Every Pot

Obama's housing bailout is full of holes. This is just another temporary salve to people who overspent or jumped the gun on home ownership. In the long run those who waited will suffer. Instant gratification rewarded by your friendly neighborhood government.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Celebrity Sightings

Look, a celebrity expressing a conservative opinion! Hopefully his career will survive this brief error in judgment. Maybe Barbra Streisand will put him through liberal reconditioning.

Asleep at the Wheel

Obama's leadership style strikes me as a bit too laid back. While you do have to delegate, maybe not a good idea to delegate on the bill you've proclaimed will define your presidency. Obama seems to show up when all the work is done and says "eh, I guess it's good enough," signs and then goes to a townhall meeting to kiss someone's grandmother.

Also, I think I'll go ahead and tread into the murky waters of that political cartoon. Personally, I think this is much ado about nothing. Nancy Pelosi wrote the bill, so the way I see it the cartoon wasn't even directed at Obama. My first reaction was "a trained chimp could write a better stimulus package than Pelosi." While I don't deny that real racism exists, some people see racism where it doesn't simply because they expect it. Their perspective is skewed by years of practice reading it into every commentary, cartoon, gesture, comment. The potential of having to shed that when Obama was elected was beyond them. It might have sounded do-able when the speeches were being made, but old habit die hard and perceptions don't change in a day.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy

Oh, the mean Republicans are picking on poor Barack. If only they'd leave him alone, he would be the glorious President he is capable of being and manna would fall from the sky. Yeah, I couldn't swallow that one. Really, he's incompetent at best and dangerous at worst. All this time I've just assumed he was ignorant of economic policy, so he wasn't aware that his stimulus dream was doomed to fail. Now I think he doesn't care. He really just wanted to spread his socialist agenda and here was the perfect opportunity to push it through quickly and without much review. Quick, before his popularity wanes and people start to look past the speeches and the celebrity. Yeah, I know, I"m slow.

So, now that the Democrats are in charge, it's time to suppress dissent. It's for the good of the country, of course. Dissent was only patriotic when the Democrats were the ones dissenting.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Do It Again!

Bwahahaha! Sen. Gregg is my new hero. I especially adore this quote: “Bottom line,” he concluded, “this is simply a bridge too far for me.” Yes, best to abandon the good ship Obama before it takes on even more water.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Where is a Reagan When You Need One?

Barack, still blind to the lessons of history. Instead of slowing down or suggesting the plan be incremental in its application, he defaulted to his only area of true comfort, campaigning. He kissed old women, he gave an "eloquent" press conference. He reminded us that he can give a speech. And he can't seem to do much else.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Keeping Score

Just a few thoughts today as I'm still so overwhelmed by the moving media coverage of Obama kissing that woman in Florida who lost her home. Oh, he's so empathetic, but I think she was really expecting him to give her a house. He's Obama, honey, not Oprah. The media love affair continues, despite Obama weak performance to date. Who needs results when you can make more moving speeches about change?

The Democrats are quickly going about undoing Clinton's welfare reform. While I appreciate that Clinton's reforms lowered welfare rolls, it often escapes notice that the Social Security (mainly the means tested benefits of SSI) increased as it became the new welfare. Something needs to be done to address that as well, but that's beside the point. Welfare without limits kills motivation and self-sufficiency.

Letting Nancy Pelosi author this important legislation was a huge mistake. She's not up to the task an is embarrassing herself and making the President look like the amateur he is. Keep up the good work!

Finally, tax-evading Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner swings and misses. But at least he's funny. What a crack economic team our President has assembled.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Respect Your Elders

How the stimulus package condemns seniors to just hurry up and die.

You know, when this fails to stimulate the economy I can almost guarantee the cry from Democrats will be that it wasn't big enough. Paul Krugman set that one up Sunday evening on ABC news. It's good that they've prepared their excuses in advance.

And, the triumph of fear over hope.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Hits Keep On Coming

Welfare reform? Let's undo that too!

Democrats finally have the opportunity they've been hoping for for years. The chance to expand the number of poor people who don't pay taxes, but who do vote. For them.

How are you going to convince people on the dole that self-sufficiency is good for them and that they should vote for the small government Republican? You aren't.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Things Fall Apart

Not much I can add to this.

Oh, well. Years from now tell your grandkids how hard work used to be rewarded and people used to respect and admire self-sufficiency. They'll just laugh and think you're telling tall tales.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hurry Up and Fail

I'm watching MSNBC and they're playing a clip of Obama. He's telling us the time for talk is done and now the stimulus bill must pass or the sky will fall, ice cream will lose it's taste and joy will be sucked from the world. He claims the American people spoke when they elected him and they want this bill. So, you lose the right to disagree with a President the minute you vote for him? Not that I voted for him. You can tell he's frustrated. He gets terribly arrogant and dismissive of those who question him. C'mon Barack, give us your petulant scowl again.

The more information that comes out on this "stimulus" package, the more embarrassing it is for the Democrats. This bit on how they are shopping for themselves.

Here are some real ideas that would stimulate the economy. Note the conspicuous lack of bad ideas.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Wish List

Here's a list of all the wasteful bloated nonsense that's in the stimulus package. I loved the $88 million for the polar ice breaker. Well, Al Gore tells us that global warming is melting all that ice, right? So, let's just give it a week, maybe two, and we can probably cross that one off the list.

I guess I'm not alone in thinking that Obama is not off to a very Messiah-like start. After all that drama about Sarah Palin and all the commentators ranting about the supposed lack of vetting, it amuses me to no end that Obama seems to have vetted NO ONE. Thank heavens Daschle is gone. Health care rationing! You first, Tom.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bad and Worse

The case for doing nothing. Best quote? Keynesian economics offers the promise of a free lunch. It offers the idea that government can wave a magic wand, spend money, and make the recession end in a pain-free way. It’s just not that easy.

And, this article really upset me because it is so true. Terrorism gains acceptance every day. Also, I actually went to a lecture at the Hebrew Union College a few years back that completely hijacked by pro-Palestinian supporters. Very few things get more of a rise out of me than the attempt to silence an opposing view. I would never dream of going to a liberal lecture and talking loudly, mocking and deriding the speaker, asking flippant and disrespectful questions. Seems many liberals have no compunction about doing so. Then again I find that many liberals believe that conservative opinions simply arise from ignorance and if they just educate us, we'll be liberals. They wrap themselves in their arrogance like a warm blanket.

Yes, I am feeling a little cynical today. Why do you ask?

Monday, February 2, 2009

An Inconvenient Truth

Obama thinks the New Deal was flawed because it wasn't big enough? Perhaps he missed this?

While I'm not a fan of smoking I did find this interesting. To rely on cigarette taxes as a source of funding for SCHIP seems rather ridiculous considering the declining numbers and the fact that $75 million in the stimulus bill goes to smoking-cessations programs. Isn't it somewhat absurd to rely on something for funding, but then spend more money to try to reduce that source of funding? Then again it's the government, so what else should I expect?

Finally, Obama has to look to a governor to get support for his "stimulus bill". I love how he describes the differences between Democrats and Republicans on this bill as "very modest." He expects substantial support once some changes are made. Considering that this bill is the biggest joke to come out of Washington in a long time, I hope that no Republican votes for it. Let the Democrats sink with this albatross.