Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bad and Worse

The case for doing nothing. Best quote? Keynesian economics offers the promise of a free lunch. It offers the idea that government can wave a magic wand, spend money, and make the recession end in a pain-free way. It’s just not that easy.

And, this article really upset me because it is so true. Terrorism gains acceptance every day. Also, I actually went to a lecture at the Hebrew Union College a few years back that completely hijacked by pro-Palestinian supporters. Very few things get more of a rise out of me than the attempt to silence an opposing view. I would never dream of going to a liberal lecture and talking loudly, mocking and deriding the speaker, asking flippant and disrespectful questions. Seems many liberals have no compunction about doing so. Then again I find that many liberals believe that conservative opinions simply arise from ignorance and if they just educate us, we'll be liberals. They wrap themselves in their arrogance like a warm blanket.

Yes, I am feeling a little cynical today. Why do you ask?

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