Monday, February 2, 2009

An Inconvenient Truth

Obama thinks the New Deal was flawed because it wasn't big enough? Perhaps he missed this?

While I'm not a fan of smoking I did find this interesting. To rely on cigarette taxes as a source of funding for SCHIP seems rather ridiculous considering the declining numbers and the fact that $75 million in the stimulus bill goes to smoking-cessations programs. Isn't it somewhat absurd to rely on something for funding, but then spend more money to try to reduce that source of funding? Then again it's the government, so what else should I expect?

Finally, Obama has to look to a governor to get support for his "stimulus bill". I love how he describes the differences between Democrats and Republicans on this bill as "very modest." He expects substantial support once some changes are made. Considering that this bill is the biggest joke to come out of Washington in a long time, I hope that no Republican votes for it. Let the Democrats sink with this albatross.

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