Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Foreign Policy Foibles

September has been a hard month on the foreign policy front for Obama. His lack of experience is showing. To no one’s surprise, he announced that the U.S. would not be following through with the missile defense shield. The real question here is what, if anything was gained by this move? Did Russia agree to back sanctions against Iran? If so, that’s just peachy, but it doesn’t disarm Iran. Another ally sold out.

Then there’s Honduras. Why is the President publicly siding with the socialist dictators of South America? While it was the military that sent Zelaya packing, they acted on the order of the Supreme Court and Congress based on Zelaya’s violation of the Honduran Constitution. The military is not running the country, the interim President, Roberto Micheletti and Congress are in charge. Unfortunately, Obama’s public stance condemning Zelaya’s removal, along with the freeze on funding and Hillary Clinton’s pulling the US visas of the members of Honduras’ Supreme Court, have created an environment that has encouraged Zelaya and his supporters and undermined democracy in Honduras. Zelaya has now returned to Honduras and a “real” coup may be imminent. Say goodbye to another South American democracy.

Finally, there’s Afghanistan. The President appeased Republicans in the election by being hawkish on Afghanistan, calling it the “war of necessity.” He seemed willing to pursue a strong strategy to ensure victory. The hawk is now looking more like a dove. General McChrystal, was tapped to replace Bush’s choice of General McKiernan, and was touted by Robert Gates as the right man for the job. However, General McChrystal is expected to ask for more troops and suddenly he’s no longer the expert whose advice we should trust? Obama is planning to delay this decision and search for cheaper options. While troops are in harm’s way, delaying a decision on McChrystal’s advice is negligent at best.

How about a trade war with China, anyone?

Obama has had a hard month. He wants to focus on healthcare, but all these pesky foreign policy issues keep coming up. It’s no wonder he’s handled them so ineptly. Multi-tasking is certainly hard.

There Goes the Neighborhood

If Cap and Trade passes in it's Waxman-Markey incarnation, I will never be able to sell my house. It's almost 100 years old. It has plaster, probably lead paint under 10 layers of new paint. It has no insulation between the plaster walls and the outside. The old AC isn't energy star rated. My neighborhood isn't affluent, but it's starting to turn around. Scrap that idea, as it will become a rental neighborhood when people find out all they have to do before they are permitted to sell. Why does it seem that all the "unintended consequences" of these bills kill the middle class? I'm starting to think that's the goal. Everyone poor and dependent on the government.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I did not have community organizing relations with that group, ACORN.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Just because you think everyone is out to get you, doesn't mean they aren't. Obama accuses his opponents of claiming everything he proposes is a tax increase. That doesn't mean they are wrong...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Obama Brand

First, ask yourself, what other President has had a logo? A logo that is included on his own personal basketballs? How about the vanity leash that dog Bo is sporting? He’s got his own promotional team in Hollywood. Obama is not just a President, he’s a brand.

Now he’s taking that brand into public schools. He’s going to give the schoolchildren of America a pep talk. A stay in school and stay off drugs motivational speech from the President. The original lesson plans that the Department of Education sent to schools to accompany Obama’s speech to students on September 8, included prompts to students suggesting they consider what they could do to ”help the President.” The lesson plan has now been revised, but only after objections. My question is, what happened to parents motivating their children? Why does Obama feel that his two cents are necessary here? I guess when you're a brand, you probably assume everyone is just waiting for your view on every topic. I guess in this media-driven society, the President as spokesman isn't too far from the truth.