Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Obama Brand

First, ask yourself, what other President has had a logo? A logo that is included on his own personal basketballs? How about the vanity leash that dog Bo is sporting? He’s got his own promotional team in Hollywood. Obama is not just a President, he’s a brand.

Now he’s taking that brand into public schools. He’s going to give the schoolchildren of America a pep talk. A stay in school and stay off drugs motivational speech from the President. The original lesson plans that the Department of Education sent to schools to accompany Obama’s speech to students on September 8, included prompts to students suggesting they consider what they could do to ”help the President.” The lesson plan has now been revised, but only after objections. My question is, what happened to parents motivating their children? Why does Obama feel that his two cents are necessary here? I guess when you're a brand, you probably assume everyone is just waiting for your view on every topic. I guess in this media-driven society, the President as spokesman isn't too far from the truth.

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Barbara said...

Parents are the first educator of their children, then the schools NOT the President. If I had a school age child I would not allow him/her to view the speech or would pick them up from school. Again the government and the President trying to interject themselves into our daily lives.